Thursday, 24 June 2010

Scottish Trip

We stayed at Duchally Manor Estate, Gleneagles, Perthshire, Scotland

This is me and my brother monkey having a beer before the England game, don't ask!

We visited Stirling Castle, wearing my Tartan hat to blend in!

Trying not to fall off!

Nearly lost my hat, its windy up north!

This is me at Loch Tummel at Queens View. The reason I look a bit nervous there is a 100ft drop behind me! Hoping the wind doesn't blow!

I have always wanted to play Gleneagles, its a Ryder Cup venue. Here's me at the entrance trying to blend in!

Take a look at the Club house, well posh!

This is me sneaking on to play a round of golf, hope I don't get spotted!

In the rough at the 18th, check out my tartan pants, I got away with it!
   Edinburgh Castle behind me. Had a great time here even had a Scottish dance in the park on BBC Scotland Take The Floor!

Och Aye The Noo!
Thanks for reading my blog
Arthur McBrandon


  1. OH I luv Urs plad pants an Urs hole outfit Ncludin da Hat, I am glad U no fall off da cliff, an da pics is great wif urs bro!!!Is U a scratch golfer ???

  2. Thanks tweetypie, its my birthday outfit. Yes I play of scratch, i am the Open Doggie Champion! 2010

  3. A great blog and great pictures Mr MB



  4. I think you look very snappy in your outfit. I think I might have that vest!

  5. OH WOW! what an exciting adventure!! isn't edinburgh where they filmed hare-e pawter? Love the pants!!(and the WHOLE outfit!! *highpaw*) so cool you got to play some golf too! heh.

  6. Thanks Tad still wearing my lucky pants!
    Hugs Arf

  7. Hi Marlowe it was a birthday pressie, I suit tartan!

  8. Howdy Zack
    I love BABW, great outfits for us fluffies.
    I was lucky to sneak in and play a round at Gleneagles.
    Lucky doggie

  9. Wooo you had a great time glad you see you started with a beer! Good lad!

  10. Had a great time Kolo, yes start as I mean to go on! Cheers hic

  11. Wow, how did I mis this til now? Looks like you had a great time my pal. I must get some practice in for next year's open.




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