Friday, 1 October 2010

Barcelona Trip

Off to Barcelona!

My own seat!     
Arrived in Sitges, has the sun gone on holiday?

Open top bus in Barcelona, hope it doesn't rain?
Thought they would have finished it by now... just sayingArrived at Camp Nou home of Barca FC,  its started to rain!...

Do you do this in my size?   just asking....

Soggy doggie...
The next day the sun came out we we hired a bike to tour round on. That's not gonna work!

Thirsty work cycling, we stopped off at a beach bar for a beer cheers!
Back at the hotel feeling hot I decided to head down to the pool.
Hot Doggie, heads for the pool.
Hiding my modesty...


      Okay going in...
 Cocktail please?   just asking...

How do I get off... helllooooooo..

They wouldn't let my mom in the museum!          
                                                Church in Sitges.

Dragons from the festival.       Ok enough already...

My last day in Sitges, behind me is the port and my hotel.

My mom with fireworks behind her in Sitges old town.

I had a great time in Sitges. Looking forward to going home and seeing monkey.
Thanks for reading my blog.  Other photos available on request, wink wink...


  1. The pics are great even the nekkid ones!!!!!!

  2. woo hoo naked Arf ;O)x

  3. Hi Lena
    I have more if you want them

  4. Hiya Tracey Ann
    Think I'm a naturist!

  5. Woo, that sure looks like a pawsome oliday Arf. Glad to see you was usin your sunglasses. You gotta tell me ow you took them photos of mum. I finds usin paws quite difficult wiv da camera. *little wave for Jackee"

  6. Thanks Marley *whispers* my dad took the photos of mom. My paws are too big.
    My mom waves back

  7. Hi Marlowe
    The fireworks were well cool.
    I have a video of them too.

  8. Wow Arf you have a really cool life what a great place Barcelona is and you went to the Nou Camp wowowo!! Barca rocks! Whisper I have a Barca shirt.

  9. Thanks Kolo
    I wanted a Barca kit but they dont do my size or the mini replica kit you hang in the car window!
    I am very spoilt and very lucky!

  10. Please note, Arthur - it is Mum, not Mom. I'm sure your mummy will appreciate it more. Glad you had a good holiday!

  11. I know its mum but I call her mom! Thanks for your comments

  12. Hope you used sunscreen in the pool , you'll get all burned.




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