Saturday, 26 February 2011

Jimmy's Day Out

Hello everyone,
I haven't blogged since last year.
Quick summary:
Jimmy arrived at Christmas, DNA confirmed monkey my brother is his dad., mother unknown!
Burnley sack Brian Laws, and appoint Eddie Howe. we have only lost 1 league game in 8 and are 4 points of the playoffs with 2 games in hand.

Monkey wanted some time out so I took Jimmy to the zoo for the day.
Click to watch what happens!  Jimmy's Day Out

Here he is in the monkey house!

In the Aquarium, watching the fishes.

Trying to blend in with the chimps. Check the chimp out to the right, he looks worried!

I found monkey at the meeting point, who knew?

Top day out, glad I found him! We are now barred from Chester Zoo!

I was asked to write an article for the Spring/Summer edition for Fauxgue magazine by my friend Snuffy Norton about my love of golf.  Will let you know the link soon.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket for the Derby at Deepdale today. Preston v Burnley. We beat them 4-3 at The Turf last year, so they want revenge! They also sacked their manager and appointed Phil Brown or tango man as he is sometimes referred. They are bottom of the league and badly need a home win and haven't won a game since Brown took over in January, just saying.

The sun was shining and the atmosphere festive. Lots of singing and banter from 5500 Burnley fans.

Nicholson scored for Preston in the 23rd minute, Rodriguez equalised for Burnley in the 32nd minute. Jack Cork scored in the 84 minute from a Wade Elliott cross my Man of the match.

Final score Preston 1 - Burnley 2
Thanks for reading my blog.
This is Arthur Brandon reporting from Deepdale, back to you in the studio!


  1. Brilliant! The video at the zoo is excellent too! Please update regularly, your fans are waiting!

  2. Thanks McDroll
    Glad you enjoyed the video.
    Will try and get my people to update more regularly.

  3. Iz so happy you been having aventures at da zoo n efurrything and concats for Monkey an Jimmy!

  4. Hi Pandafur
    We had a lots of fun filming the movie, caused quite a stir.
    Jimmy and monkey are good for each other.

  5. I think I would rather meet your Jimmy then the monkey in the picture! Were they nice monkeys?

  6. You got to that game early my pal. The pies must be good at Deepdale!!

  7. Good to hear from you Arthur, where you been?





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